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Asian handicaps - explaining the market

Asian handicaps are the most difficult of the popular football markets to understand. The name comes from its Far East origins and is used to describe a type of spread betting in Football.

In sports, handicapping is a method of offsetting the abilities of competitors in order to equalize their chances of winning. For Football this is done by assigning an imaginary head start to the team the handicapper thinks is less likely to win. This is expressed in goals or fractions of goals, and is generally referred to as “ball(s)”.

Asian handicaps eliminates the chance of losing money on a draw which is a common result and treated as a separate outcome with traditions fixed odds markets. When there is a draw (with the handicap taken into account) all moneys are returned.

There are two types of Asian handicaps, balls and split balls. Firstly for balls, the handicapper tries to create a handicap that will make the chance of either team winning as close to evens as possible. The handicap is expressed in multiples of half goals. E.g.

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The above examples show that there can be half ball and whole ball handicaps. With half balls there is no chance of a draw, as neither team can score half a goal. So no matter what the outcome of the game is, you can only win or lose.

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With whole ball handicaps, the result can be win, lose or draw. And as stated earlier when a draw is the result, considering the handicap, stakes will be returned

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For spilt balls the handicap is expressed in two different ways, either with a quarter (1/4) or three quarter (3/4) goal handicap or alternatively as a combination of whole and half goal handicaps (0, 0.5)

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This bet is actually two bets. Half the stake is (for the above example) bet with a zero goal handicap and half with a half goal handicap. This can lead to several different outcomes

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