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Spread betting - explaining the market

A Spread bet is unlike conventional fixed odds bets where there’s a simple win or lose outcome and the liability is a set amount. Instead, in Spread betting the pay-out (in winning or losses) is proportionate to the accuracy of the bet, theoretically meaning liability is unlimited. With this level of potential risk it is important to fully understand the market and the possible losses.

The spread is a range of results, based on the predictions made by a bookmaker, specifying the most likely outcome for an element of a sporting event – number of corners, total goals etc. If you believe the outcome will exceed the higher number in the range you ‘buy’ and conversely you ‘sell’ if your prediction is the outcome will be less than the lower number.

There are three possible outcomes of a spread bet. One, correctly predicting the direction of the outcome, in which case you make a profit. Two, incorrectly predicting the direction and making a loss, and three, a ‘push’. This is where the outcome is equal to that of the spread. With many events this outcome is avoided by the use of partial point (ie, 2.5-2.7 goals will be scored), but when this does occur both parties break even.

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As spread betting is such a volatile method of gambling many betting firms offer different type of accounts in order to limit liability. One such account is a stop loss account, which limits your exposure to losses and profit by attaching a ‘stop’ level to your bets. Another is a bethilo account offered by Sporting Index, in which your losses are limited to the deposit held by them. Profits are also limited to an equivalent sum. These type of accounts are advisable to anyone just starting out in spread betting.

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