Latest Article - Lay the Draw - Anyone who’s looked into betting systems for football would have surly come across the infamous ‘Lay the draw’ system. This system comes in many different guises, but all revolve around the same central theme More...


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Sports betting can be regarded as a hobby that adds interest to the outcome of an event or as a profession, but the goal is always the same. To make money. To achieve this however is very difficult. Fortunately there are many tactics you can use to increase your chances. This can be something as simple as taking advantage of free bets on offer or as difficult as using more advance betting methods such as trading or arbing in connection with money management and staking plans. All of which will be covered here.

If you are new to sports betting we have a number of 101 tutorials that are designed to get you up to speed with the basics. Then you can move onto our master classes to learn the finer points. For all our articles click here.

The success Poker has achieved is nothing short of amazing, with a huge number of online sites and thanks to televised tournaments millions of players are eager to grab their share of Poker glory. Whether you are just starting on the road to glory or are looking to refine certain aspect of your game we have what you need.

Our 101 tutorials will build a foundation of knowledge to get you going, and then our master classes will give you all the tools you need to claim your share of glory and more importantly earn you some money. For all our articles click here.

As more and more companies launch their online gambling sites the competition for your custom grows. In order to entice you in, these sites provide many different promotions and free bets. These are a great extra bonus to have but which ones are the best.

We’ve got all the latest deals with details and reviews all in one place. So before signing up to a new Poker site or bookies see what they have to offer. Click here for promotions.

With the explosion of online betting and poker there is now a raft of tools out there to help you. Third party software, websites and people all claiming to give you that edge you need. Here you will find reviews on the best of these offerings.

Including Poker software that calculates odds as you play, Betfair API’s, odds comparison sites and much more. So if you’re looking to improve your game, delve in to stats or compile your own systems you bound to find something helpful here.

In recent years there has been a massive surge in novelty bets on anything from awards shows, reality TV and politics. These type of bets are now big business for bookmakers; and as there still a relatively unknown betting market to odds compilers have become a source of good value bets to the knowing punter.

There are now many sites like UK TV Betting that now give tips on these special bets and also give you a wealth of background information and trends. If Novelty bets are your sort of thing be sure to give this site a try, as you will find it hard to get better betting advice from any other source. They cover reality shows like big brother and x-factor as well as all the major awards shows like the Oscars and sports personality of the year.